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Topic: Camper Dolly

Posted By: jwolff on 01/10/10 11:08am

I've seen posts before where people have talked about building or buying a dolly to set their camper on in order to get the camper into their shop or garage. My question is how easy are these things to wheel around with 4000lbs sitting on them? Assuming the driveway is level and concrete, how hard are the loaded dollies to move inside and back out when you want to reload the truck? Thanks, John

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Posted By: deltabravo on 01/10/10 01:37pm

I think it's probably a multiple person job, at least 2.

The local dealer I go to moves campers around in their shop, and on the lot with dollies and I typically see 3 people moving them.

swivel wheels at all corners is probably the way to go.

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Posted By: FreeLanceing on 01/10/10 03:13pm

I can move mine around by myself with ease. I have 2 swivel and 2 straight so I can steer the thing. I can jump the 1 inch step into the garage with a pc of sheet metal. I am useing 5" hard fibre industrial casters I got at an industrial junk yard.

Posted By: Oldtymeflyr on 01/10/10 04:18pm

Its not easy. I use a winch to actually move the Outfitter Apex 8 and steering it is not easy. We have at least two people.

We the concrete in the garage is smooth with no grade, the drive way has a slight pitch for water drainage nothing steep.

We have 6" casters with about 1/4" hard poly surface on the casters. I might try all steel casters.

Posted By: Quick trip on 01/10/10 04:35pm

If you live near a dealer who handle's truck campers, go in and ask if you can measure and take pictures of one of their's?
Look into buying an electric trailer dolly for moving trailers around with.
Then you could do it by yourself.
Good Luck & Drive Safe!

Posted By: RickW on 01/10/10 05:11pm

I used an existing trailer and added caster wheels. I used the trailer hitch and truck to move the trailer up the driveway and in and out of the garage.

You could add an adjustable hitch tongue to the dolly and use that with your truck. A come-along can also be used for short distances on a level surface.

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Posted By: gerrym51 on 01/10/10 08:34pm

You can by a pre made camper dolly from reico-titan.

its name is (waiting for it) camper dolly.


Posted By: deltabravo on 01/10/10 08:54pm

gerrym51 wrote:

You can by a pre made camper dolly from reico-titan.

its name is (waiting for it) camper dolly.


click here to see it

Posted By: SoCalDesertRider on 01/10/10 08:55pm

I have a 5x8 utility trailer with single 3500-lb axle and 1-foot rail sides that I use for holding my slide-on utility body (similar to slide-on camper) and moving it in and out of the garage. It rolls and steers very easy and I move it with the truck and then fine position it by hand by myself. The trailer is also useful for many other things when not holding the utility body.

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Posted By: amlutz98 on 01/12/10 06:16am

We got a old hay wagon running gear and "cut" it down to the size of the camper. We then built a platform for the camper to sit on. The tie downs hook on to the side just like the truck. It is easy to move with our John Deere tractor or with two people.

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Posted By: Eric&Lisa on 01/12/10 04:55pm

Easy to move with my homemade dolly. I move it by myself into the corner of my shop & back out every spring/fall. Full pivoting casters on each corner.

The trick is to remember you can easily lift the camper off the dolly. That much weight makes it tough to change directions. No problem, use the jacks to raise the camper an inch or so, spin the casters to the direction I want to go, and lower it back down. Very easy.

Here is a link to a write up I did on building mine.


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Posted By: Retired Coastie on 01/13/10 01:54am

The Rieco Titan camper dolly site lists everything you would want to know about the product except the price. I did a Google search for the price and drew a blank. I suspect the reason is that it is really 0ver-priced. Anyone know the cost for the dolly???

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Posted By: kerry4951 on 01/13/10 09:14am

$489.00 plus shipping (They told me $50-$100 average for shipping)

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Posted By: mkirsch on 01/13/10 10:56am

With a dolly, the larger and harder you can make the wheels, the better. Bigger wheels roll easier.

Be aware that casters have a weight rating. You'll need some pretty heavy-duty casters for 4000lbs. On concrete I would use solid steel casters at least 6" in diameter, 8" would be better.

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...and yes, I'm aware I carry a 1600lb popup in a 1 ton dually. Not because I think I need a dually for that size camper, but because I use the dually for other purposes that are nunya bizness.

Posted By: henlo91 on 01/13/10 06:07pm

i made mine from 2x6's, i find it's very easy to move around on my own, when not in use, i stand it up on edge, roll it on the edge wheels and move it out of my way


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Posted By: henlo91 on 01/13/10 06:10pm

here it is


Posted By: henlo91 on 01/13/10 06:13pm

Posted By: henlo91 on 01/13/10 06:16pm


Posted By: trail-explorer on 01/13/10 07:12pm

henlo91 wrote:


any chance of making that pic bigger?


Posted By: Spott on 01/14/10 05:08am

Here you go...


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What's behind the name? Screen name that is.

Posted By: gwo1973 on 01/14/10 11:28pm

I really wish I would have had the chance to get pictures of this one I saw. It was from the 1960s. It had 3 wheels and a part of it would come up and lift the camper under its wings. Then you could winch it down to the close to the ground. You could hook the tow bar up to a truck, tractor, etc and move it around. Neat thing. Someone actually produced them.

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